You Rang? – A Note About Phone Calls

“Congratulations on being the last person in the galaxy without a cell phone.” – Anonymous

Okay, okay, I may not be the last person in the galaxy without a cell phone.  Though the phone I have is old and dumb (Maybe I’m the last person in the galaxy without a smart phone?), it works just fine for me in the United States.

But I wanted to clarify that it DOES NOT work here. I cannot respond to text messages nor can I make phone calls.  That is not part of my plan and my phone is not meant to work here.  So it remains turned off in my suitcase with everything else I do not use on a daily basis.  Therefore, calling or texting me on my cell phone is useless at this point.  And I do not plan on purchasing a Guatemalan phone at this point.

Rotary-Dial-PhoneHere’s the good news:  I can still make phone calls!  But I call through the internet, which means that if I call you, my number will appear as unavailable or something equally strange.  So…if you know I have your phone number and think I might potentially call you at some point, please do answer your phone if a strange number calls.  Phone dates are possible, but sometimes I also choose to call a friend on a whim in hopes that my call will be answered.

Spanish Words of the Day: teléfono = telephone, llamada = phone call 🙂

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