2 Weeks Left…By the Numbers

“The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Althsuler

Only two weeks left in Antigua. I can scarcely believe it!  These last 8 weeks have flown by!  Here is what little time I have left between now and my arrival at the Farm –  by the numbers…


Too Many To Count – Number of things I still want to see/do in Antigua

319.5 – Hours left in Antigua to see/do all of the above things

45 – Hours of class  (for Allison and Marie)

31 – Meals with my host mom (Sunday meals are not provided)

32 – Children at the Farm (hopefully) eagerly awaiting our arrival

15 – Days until we arrive at the Farm

13 – Masses

5 – Volunteer English tutoring sessions

3? – Letters sent here that I still have not received

3 – Bags I still need to pack

2 – Marian feast days

1 – Excited Melanie

Spanish words of the day: emocionada = excited, el tiempo vuela = time flies, dos semanas = two weeks 🙂





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