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¡Hola Amigos!

NOTE:  First, I would like to tell you some exciting news: I am WAY over my fundraising goal!!!!!!  Thank you so so so so so much for your support!!!  Your generous donations make my mission a reality!


Also, if you were still considering donating but had not yet gotten around to it, donations are still welcome.  Any money in my mission fund that I do not use over the course of these 16 months will still be used for the mission.  If I should discern that God is calling me to stay an additional year, the money will remain in my mission fund to cover my expenses for that year.  If I were to leave, any money left in my mission fund would be used in other ways to support the work of Farm of the Child as the organization continues to care for orphaned children.

Back to my original post…

As a lay missionary with Farm of the Child, I will be provided with room and board free of charge furing my time in Honduras, but I am required to fundraise to cover the rest of my expenses.  Below I have provided my missionary budget, which details the things I must fundraise for as well as the estimated cost of each:

                                                     Plane tickets = $4,200

                                                     Language School/Housing = $2,000

                                                     Travel to the Farm = $200

                                                     Health Insurance = $0 – $2,500

                                                     Shots/Vaccines (prior to departure) = $60

                                                     Prescription Medications (while abroad) = $460

                                                    Mailings (stamps/phone calls home) = $200

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Preparation Costs = $750

Residency Costs = $100

Personal Stipend ($300 every 3 months) = $1,300

Vacation Stipend = $500

Transition Stipend = $500

Re-entry Retreat =$1,250

TOTAL FUNDRAISING GOAL = $11,600 – $14,100

Though fundraising $14,000 is a daunting task, I am excited for the lessons God is going to teach me as I humble myself and learn to depend on His provision.  I see this as an opportunity to raise awareness and to share my journey with others in a more profound way.


At this time, I humbly ask that you consider supporting me financially as I embark on this mission of love.  A donation of any size would be greatly appreciated – no amount is too small!  Thank you in advance for being God’s provision for my needs.

There are two ways to make a tax-exempt donation* (a tax receipt will be sent to you automatically):

1. Donate via check – checks must be made out to Farm of the Child and either given to me directly or mailed to the following address:


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If you choose to donate in this manner, you MUST specify that the money is to be earmarked for my missionary account by including a note indicating your donation is meant for me or by writing my name (Melanie Jorgenson) in the memo line of the check.

2. You may donate online through the Farm of the Child website – there is a link to make a donation to my missionary account on my profile page.  This page gives you the option to make either a one-time donation or a monthly pledge.

*Cash donations and checks made out to me are also most welcome, but are not tax-deductible.

** Please also note that the Farm of the Child has tax-exempt status only in the US.

All money that is donated will go directly to cover my expenses.  If there is money left in my missionary account at the end of my term of service, it will go toward continuing the mission of the Farm of the Child.

As vital as financial support is to my mission, your prayers are even more important.  I would very much appreciate your prayers for…

…me as I serve Christ in the little ways by caring for His beloved children.

…the children I will serve – for their health and well-being, for healing from past hurts, and that they would know how much they are loved by their Heavenly Father.

…the house parents and tías who care for the children on a daily basis.

…for my fellow missionaries as we strive to live in community and to serve one another and the children God places before us.

…for the mission of the Farm of the Child as we heed God’s call to care for the orphans.

Thank you for your support!  It means the world to me!

La Paz en Cristo,